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What Are RFID Door Locks In Access Control Systems?

Access control systems help to do exactly what their name implies, they control who can and can’t access an area. They can also control when the public can access different areas. These systems are made out of a variety of different devices. An RFID door lock is one of those systems. RFID is an electronic type of door lock and in today’s article we will explore further into how they work. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification , it is an extremely short-range radio emission that sends a code to a reader to unlock a door. By having a radio emission, you can tap your card instead of having to use older “card swipe” style technology. This leads to less wear and tear on the card and more versatility. On almost all RFID systems a keycard can be used to trigger the system. These cards are about the same size as a driver’s license or a work ID card. In fact, many companies that implement RFID door lock systems use their RFID cards as work ID by printing employee informatio