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Difference Between CCTV and Surveillance camera

HIK - 2CD4585F - IZ2 Property crimes happen around the world and no matter how much we try to eliminate them, they still happen. In addition to that, a number of different violent crimes have continued to happen on private property, businesses, and more. In order to stay safe you need to take steps to protect your property. One of the most common steps is to install cameras. CCTV and surveillance cameras are the two options that you are most likely to have access to. Both options are popular and have been around for quite a while now. But just because they have been around, doesn’t mean that people know the difference. One of the most common questions that security companies receive is: what is the difference between CCTV and surveillance cameras? To help you understand the difference we are going to go into a little detail to explain what each one is. Closed Circuit Television CCTV stands for closed circuit television. It is a technology that was designed to be transm