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Gippsland family ripped apart by holiday tragedy

The children of two Victorian pastors have been orphaned after their Tasmania family holiday turned to tragedy in a horrific crash.

Ex-cop’s legal fight over Bourke St massacre

A former sergeant who attempted to thwart the Bourke St massacre by warning his bosses of the driver’s killer intentions says he has been targeted and vilified for not protecting the “brotherhood” of the police force.

Rare frog could put brakes on East Gippsland mine plan

The rare giant burrowing frog could stand in the way of a proposed $200 million mineral sands mine in East Gippsland’s food bowl.

AFL greats back head knock tech revolution

A roll call of AFL greats has invested in revolutionary mouthguards fitted with hi-tech chips used to monitor head knocks in football.

How regional Victorian vaccination rates compare

Just over 6 per cent of regional Victorians have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus via state-run vaccination centres.

Australia’s answer to Bridgerton’s secretive Lady Whistledown

WHEN an Australian-born girl married a German count after her court debut before Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace, many thought she was set for life.

Australia’s answer to Bridgerton’s secretive Lady Whistledown

WHEN an Australian-born girl married a German count after her court debut before Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace, many thought she was set for life.

Bodies found in farmhouse fire tragedy

The bodies of two people, believed to be a mum and daughter, have been found at a farm house burnt to the ground in the state’s north.

Grim Reaper Covid-19 ad feeding on fear

The federal government’s graphic vaccine ad featuring a young woman gasping for air is an abysmal mess.

Private schools’ big offers to win female students

Private co-ed schools are trying to win over girls with promises of leadership roles, scholarships and targeted facilities in a battle against boutique single sex girls’ schools.

Bullet-riddled fate of teen who dreamt of being bushranger

In the early hours of the morning, at a farmhouse in the paddocks near Neerim, Mrs Johnstone woke to the sound of a bullet ripping through her kitchen wall.

Why aged-care system is being short-changed

At least $2.1bn has been stripped from Australia’s problem-plagued aged-care system over the past four years as a result of controversial funding changes by the Coalition.

Mitchell steps out at infamous fight night

Bikie boss Toby Mitchell was spotted at a notorious boxing event where a man was killed in a triple shooting in 2019.

Upside to our Covid-19 crisis and the vaccine blame game

The good news in a grim week that saw Australia’s largest city enter the limbo of an ever-extending lockdown, is that even as the vaccine rollout disaster stories continue to rollout, the vaccine rollout itself is quietly gathering steam.

Country Victoria’s top pubs (and their regulars) revealed

In a country town, a pub is more than just a watering hole — it’s often the backbone and heart of the community.

Latest Covid rules just court confusion

It's been a constant gripe throughout the pandemic – the rules are just too hard to follow.

‘We value our Diggers’: Day of honour for Afghan troops

A national day of commemoration will be established to honour the Australian troops who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Dozens of fireys battle Niddrie blaze after blast

Investigators will probe the cause of a blaze that broke out following reports of an “explosion” at a shop in Melbourne’s northwest on Saturday morning.

$50m dilemma at heart of iCook slug saga

How high does the slug slime go?

Jamie Kah: ‘Maybe the best female athlete in the world’

Move along a little, Raelene Boyle. You, too, Evonne and Dawn. Make room for Jamie. If you old-time champions hadn’t heard much about the new girl before her latest riding record, you soon will.

Warning: How working from home can lead to identity theft

Victorians have lost almost $1m to identity scams in the last year, with startling new figures revealing identity theft cases have almost doubled in the past 12 months.

One-hour Covid test could be ‘game changer’

Rapid Covid-19 testing will be rolled out across Victorian courts prompting calls to introduce the tests more broadly.

Olivia Simmons mounts defence against half-brother

The sister of basketball superstar Ben Simmons has armed herself with a lawyer as she fights defamation action brought by her half-brother after she accused him of sexual molestation.

Nation’s biggest solar firm in fight to keep accreditation

Australia’s largest residential solar company, Sunboost, could lose its electrical contractor licence in NSW, potentially putting tens of thousands of warranties at risk.

Former Dons boss’ investment firm fined

The wealth manager headed by former Essendon boss David Evans has been fined $7.2 million for dudding clients over investments made into a troubled US property fund.

Simple test could have saved Bella’s life

Victorian newborns could soon be routinely screened for the most deadly genetic ­disease among infants, if an ­interstate trial is successful.

Serious flaw in Victoria’s jab rollout uncovered

Concerns have been raised over Victoria’s vaccine rollout amid claims authorities are failing to properly reconcile vaccination records.

Terrified masses applauding health fascists’ cruelty

One of the side effects of Covid-19 is reducing once sensible, decent people to merciless morons willing to defend the indefensible.

Cop fights Laidley photo leak charges

A Victoria Police detective accused of leaking photos of former AFL coach Dani Laidley in custody and calling her a “tranny” is set to fight charges of misconduct in court.

City backs soaring tower for Epworth hospital

A hospital redevelopment that exceeds discretionary height limits has been approved by inner-city authorities.

Secret report reveals Suburban Loop’s impact

Tens of thousands of motorists a day should ditch cars to travel on a new underground rail line between Cheltenham and Box Hill once built, secret modelling shows.

Dramatic schoolyard ‘riot’ leaves huge compo bill

Two students attacked by a schoolyard gang have won a large payout for home security and self-defence training as they continue to endure PTSD.

Why a super conflict is brewing for ScoMo

If Labor had its way, the superannuation guarantee would have been at 12 per cent two years ago. It’s just as well the Coalition put a stop to that.

CBD smoking ban sparks debate

A policy to radically expand smoke-free areas in inner Melbourne has divided the city council amid claims the push is “arrogant” and “extraordinary overreach” by a local government.

Time to count our blessings and open up

Now the good news that many people refuse to believe. We’re actually just weeks from opening up, if we just started counting our blessings.

Jailhouse hearings held ‘in the dark’

Prison disciplinary hearings are held “in the dark” with the risk of inmates being dealt with unfairly, a Victorian Ombudsman’s report has found.

Major breakthrough in child brain cancer fight

Australian researchers have twice been able to cure animals of the most common type of child brain cancer, by repurposing drugs used to treat other cancers.

Peak hour chaos for train commuters

There are major delays on multiple train lines after a truck crashed into a rail bridge between Flinders Street and Southern Cross Station.

Doctor in baby death scandal blames hospital in ‘tatters’

The disgraced doctor at the centre of the Bacchus Marsh baby death scandal has admitted he’s guilty of misconduct.

Audience’s wild response to bizarre Brett Sutton claim

One of Australia’s best known medics has revealed he thinks Brett Sutton is the country’s top chief health officer.

Australian Grand Prix, MotoGP scrapped again

Victoria’s Formula One and MotoGP events are both set to be scrapped this year.

Heartbreaking twist in Monash IVF bungle

Women who used donor IVF embryos after being told their own weren’t viable have discovered they may have been able to use them all along.

Push for law to punish cowards takes big step forward

Stuart Schulze, whose wife Lynette Taylor was despicably filmed in the aftermath of the Eastern Freeway police tragedy, has met Victoria’s Attorney-General about his push for new laws to stop such depraved acts.

Brothers filmed destroying own house in family feud

A dumb and dumber pair of brothers hired an excavator to bulldoze a house they part-owned, filming themselves rolling a water tank down a main street of a regional town.

Notorious Yarraville intersection could save lives

Laser technology has been trialled in an Australian first to warn motorists in real time of hazards at a Melbourne intersection.

Pollies ditching Victoria for holidays in Queensland

Politicians all want to make a mark. But could one be about to set what Baz is told would be a parliamentary first?

‘Abnormal’ way slug-gate probe was conducted: officer

A former council health officer whose report was ignored and then buried by the state government as it shut down iCook Foods told police he was bullied in the wake of the “slug-gate” scandal becoming public.

Chinese dictator pushing the same buttons Hitler did

The world must not ignore this: Last week’s big anniversary speech by China’s dictator sounded very much like Hitler’s.

How Andrews slipped back into control

It should be seen as no coincidence that Australia finally got its plan out of Covid at the end of Daniel Andrews’ first week back at work.

Clueless mules didn’t know what they were delivering

A drug dealer has admitted to using unsuspecting mules-for-hire in the delivery of 16.5kg of illicit substances through the Airtasker app.

Cash boost for student teachers in regional Victoria

Teaching students will be deployed to country Victoria in a bid to help disadvantaged youngsters.

Cash boost for student teachers in regional Victoria

Teaching students will be deployed to country Victoria in a bid to help disadvantaged youngsters.

Fresh historic child sex abuse claims probed

Former Salesian College students are being asked to come forward with information about historic child sex abuse.

Hundreds gather for third Palestine rally

Hundreds of people have attended a Pro-Palestinian solidarity march in Melbourne’s CBD following the escalation of conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Covid lockdowns ‘a gift’ to family man Jimmy Barnes

Many of us grew up listening to Jimmy Barnes. He has created musical anthems for decades.

Fake plates putting crims in the driver’s seat

The Mercedes was a late model in good order and the driver looked as if he should be driving it. But something about the passenger wasn’t quite right.

Experts: Covid exit plan still a year away

Australia’s Covid exit plan — where the virus is eventually treated just like the flu — cannot be achieved until the middle of next year at the earliest, public health experts say.

Political pointscoring over Covid a national disgrace

At the end of 2019, while eastern Australia struggled with the deadly and destructive bushfires on a massive scale, Prime Minister Scott Morrison conducted a radio interview from his holiday break in Hawaii.

Vaccine nurses copping ‘disgusting’ abuse

Anti-vaxxers are targeting Victorian vaccine hubs, with police called in to protect nurses under siege.

Exiled bikie hunk dodging global police chase

Exiled bikie hunk and murder suspect Hasan Topal is running for cover in Turkey following a huge global police operation which led to hundreds of arrests.

Nine Entertainment pays penalties for alleged excessive payment surcharges

2 July 2021 Six subsidiaries of Nine Entertainment Co (Nine) have paid penalties totalling $159,840 after the ACCC issued them with 12 infringement notices for allegedly charging subscribers and advertisers excessive payment surcharges. Nine will also provide approximately $450,000 in consumer redress to eligible advertising, home delivery and digital subscription customers. The ACCC was concerned that from December 2018, after Nine merged with Fairfax Media, most consumer and advertiser transactions processed by Nine in which a payment surcharge was applied involved an excessive payment surcharge. Nine applied payment surcharges to digital and home delivery subscription services as well as radio, publishing, TV and digital advertising. The ACCC’s infringement notices were issued in relation to payments made using MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards between August and December 2020 which attracted stated surcharges ranging from 0.9 per cent to 1.55 per cent. The ACCC al

Racism claims rock Metro Tunnel project

Tensions are close to boiling over on the $13.7 billion Metro Tunnel project after an Indigenous worker alleged a racism case was not investigated.

Radical plan to keep dangerous truckies off the road

Wannabe truckies in ­Victoria would be forced to complete a minimum number of hours ­behind the wheel before getting their licence, under a proposed overhaul.

Nats leader: ‘Voters want climate change action’

State Nationals leader Peter Walsh has weighed in to the chaos that has engulfed his party, saying Barnaby Joyce and his federal allies are damaging their brand in Victoria.

Young dad killed in horror airport crash

A young dad killed in a car crash outside Melbourne Airport on Wednesday has been remembered as someone who lived to make his loved ones proud.

Woman planted knives in mailbox to frame ex

A COVID-19 recovery manager allegedly planted knives in her own letterbox and sent fake threatening texts to frame her ex-husband.

Woman planted knives in mailbox to frame ex

A COVID-19 recovery manager allegedly planted knives in her own letterbox and sent fake threatening texts to frame her ex-husband.

Liberal’s car park pledge is shameless pork-barrelling

The Morrison government’s $660m commuter parking fund has been a slow-motion car crash since before it was even announced in the lead-up to the 2019 election.

Packer sued over drunken Crown assault claim

James Packer faces legal action from Victoria’s workplace safety authority to claw back hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to a security guard who claims the billionaire assaulted him at Crown Casino.

Lockdowns show Australia has lost its marbles

Two years ago, almost to this shameful day, newspapers reported the death toll from the latest virus to hit Australia. Ho hum: just 250 dead from the flu.