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Melbourne the heroin capital

Melbourne has the highest amount of heroin use of any capital city in the country and cocaine use in Victoria has shot up to levels higher than before the pandemic.

Sumo Power to pay $1.2 million for misleading electricity plans

30 June 2021 The Federal Court has declared by consent that Sumo Power Pty Ltd (Sumo) made false or misleading representations in selling electricity plans to Victorian consumers and ordered it to pay $1.2 million in penalties, and to pay consumer redress to affected consumers. Sumo admitted that between June and December 2018, it had misled consumers about how much they would pay for their electricity if they switched to Sumo, in breach of the Australian Consumer Law. The Court declared by consent that Sumo had offered cheap rates and high ‘pay on time’ discounts to entice consumers to sign up to certain electricity plans, when in fact Sumo planned to, and did, materially increase the rates paid by customers who had received one to three monthly bills.  In addition, when signing up consumers, Sumo represented that it would maintain the low rates, or not substantially increase them, for 12 months when in fact Sumo increased rates by between 28 and 43 per cent for certain consume

Knox Council’s tough new rule for cat owners

A Melbourne council has introduced a 24 hour cat curfew, making it illegal for pet owners to let feline’s stray from their property night or day.

How 120,000 Victorians dodged speeding tickets

Around half of drivers snapped tearing through reduced speed zones on Melbourne’s freeways never got a fine.

How to know if AstraZeneca jab is right for you

Young people can now access the AstraZeneca from their GP.

Aussies let down by bloody hopeless feds

With Australia on the brink of becoming a land locked down, national cabinet must take decisive action.

Parents urged to ask babies for consent to change nappies

An Australian childcare chain has encouraged parents to ensure nappy changes are “respectful” — and to even ask their toddlers for “co-operation”.

No pressure on MPs to donate pay rise, says Dan

Daniel Andrews will donate his latest pay rise to charity but won’t mandate government MPs follow suit.

Majority of new train station car parks planned for Liberal seats

The Morrison government promised hundreds of millions of dollars for new railway station car parks at the 2019 election without knowing if the projects could be built or what they would cost.

‘Missed opportunities’ before Bourke St terror

Authorities “missed opportunities” in the investigation and monitoring of terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali before he descended on Melbourne’s CBD, a coroner has found.

Lockdown’s grim impact on university hopefuls

Eight in 10 VCE students applying for university last year received special consideration, and thousands more are expected to apply this year, the Herald Sun can reveal.

Furious locals consider dramatic move to stop super station

Furious residents are considering legal action against the state government over a new super train station planned for Melbourne’s east.

Claims cop led teen to abuser before assault

A woman has launched a legal fight against the state, claiming she was let down by police after she was allegedly raped in a regional police station when she was 14 years old.

Merlino ‘expects’ other pollies to donate pay rise to charity

Acting premier James Merlino has revealed he expects his parliamentary colleagues would follow his lead and donate their upcoming pay rise to charity.

New cabinet after Nationals leadership spill

Newly reinstated Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce has reshuffled the cabinet and promoted his supporters in the process.

What will Barnaby Joyce do when he is told no?

Interviewing Barnaby Joyce is not like talking to other politicians. Actually, that’s not quite true. There are plenty of other candid MPs and senators.

Tradie wins back $450,000 in mortgage scam

An accused fraud who boasted “legal and honest work pays well” when buying a Range Rover has been forced to repay $450,000 to a mortgage scam victim.

Revellers flout Covid rules in packed CBD nightclub

Patrons at CBD nightclubs appear to have been flouting COVID restrictions on Friday night.

Melbourne’s most vicious teenage killers

They should be in school or fresh from their Year 12 studies ready to take on the world and follow their dreams.

How fickle loyalties bit back for mad dog Bowden

On four legs or two, mad dogs don’t have a great life expectancy. The more dangerous, the more likely they are to be shot.

Push for mandatory helmets in junior footy

An overwhelming majority of Victorians believe all junior footballers should wear helmets on the field in a bid to combat head knocks and concussion.

Anger over minister’s staffer working from Africa

A state government ministerial staffer has taken working remotely to a new level, spending the past 18 months providing policy advice on education from Kenya.

Neville too sick for return to work

Police Minister Lisa Neville will not return to work until at least August.

Are these the best or worst tatts you’ve ever seen?

Cartoon character, childlike tatts are growing in popularity. Even the Western Bulldogs’ Tom Liberatore is sporting them. Do you love them or hate them? And are these the best, or worst, tatt choices you’ve ever seen? Send in your own photos of tattoos you love, love to hate or regret.

‘Sweetheart deals’ for AFL while ordinary Victorians suffer

As Mark Kilian sat trapped in his quarantine hotel bedroom in Sydney on Tuesday night this week, unable to hold the hand of his dying father, someone from the AFL was taking a phone call.

Big change coming to household bin collection

Millions of households across Victoria will soon get purple-lid bins for glass material as the shift to a four-bin waste system gathers pace.

AFL legend Sheedy hits out at injecting room site

Footy legend Kevin Sheedy — fresh from penning a love letter to fire up Covid-weary Victorians — says Melbourne’s second supervised injecting room shouldn’t be opposite Flinders Street Station.

Hulking tower will ‘dominate’ Fitzroy skyline

A distinctive 13-storey building with a rooftop terrace, bar and restaurant has been approved for a high profile Fitzroy corner despite community opposition.

New call to raise booze age in Victoria

The state government has been urged to raise the drinking age to 21.

Hope at last for stalled West Gate Tunnel

A landfill site north of Melbourne is set to sign a deal to take toxic soil from the $6.7 billion West Gate Tunnel, in a move that could finally get the troubled project back on track. The Herald Sun understands the road’s builders, John Holland and CPB, have backed Hi Quality’s tip in Bulla, north of Melbourne Airport, to take tunnelling spoil.

What your car really says about you

More than a quarter of the nation’s motorists think Porsche drivers are sexy and Holden owners are foul-mouthed.

Super-charging the state for e-car revolution

New car charging stations that provide 100km of power in 10 minutes would be built across the state to provide electric vehicle motorists reliable journeys.

Time governments prioritised fighting Covid, not each other

When the going gets tough, the Victorian government gets political.

ABC should be ashamed it enabled Pascoe’s lies

NO, Paul. You’re wrong. And your pathetic ha-ha admission that the ABC spent years promoting the Bruce Pascoe hoax is not even the start of what the ABC must now do to repent.

Nurse who aided foreign fighters step closer to freedom

A Melbourne nurse who admitted to aiding foreign fighters in Syria could be freed from jail immediately after being sentenced almost six years after his arrest.

Where Victoria’s quarantine facility will be built

Victoria’s village-style quarantine centre is set to be built in Mickleham, with the federal government believing that site can be up and running months before a facility in Avalon.

Pubs hit insurers for lockdown payback

The pub empire behind some of Melbourne’s most well known venues, including the iconic “Espy“ in St Kilda, has launched a $26m claim on its insurers after being forced to shut down during Covid outbreaks.

Killer who stabbed victim for hat ‘hasn’t said sorry’

A grief stricken father has described his dying son’s final moments as he lay bloodied on the footpath just metres from the family’s home.

Towns with Victoria’s biggest super nest eggs


Bombshell report blows lid off prison corruption

The state’s corruption watchdog has exposed high-level corruption and illegal activity inside Victoria’s prison system.

Victorians want jab to mark end of damaging lockdowns

Most Victorians want people who are fully vaccinated to be exempt from all or some coronavirus restrictions and for lockdowns to be shelved once the jab has been made available to everyone.

Scary find deep in AFL players’ concussed brains

Damage has been found deep within the brains of Australian rules footballers more than six months after they suffer concussion, increasing concern about the long-term impacts of head knocks.

Barnaby’s return creates new problems for PM

IN the political marriage of the Liberal and National parties, MPs on both sides know better than to publicly speculate on the internal affairs of their partners.

Thug confronted by victim’s family after killing for hat

Family members of two brothers stabbed – one fatally – while waiting for a bus say the pain of the killer’s “tragic, senseless and cowardly act” will be felt by their family for generations.

Family baffled by grandma’s disappearance

The family of a missing elderly woman are “baffled” by her unusual disappearance.

Who Victorians really want as Liberal leader

One-fifth of voters have not heard of state Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien, and the vast majority say they would prefer to see predecessor Matthew Guy back in the job.

Victorians send clear message they’re sick of lockdowns

The new polling out today shows just how frustrated Victorians are 18 months into the pandemic.

University must strip nasty security chief of degree

Does Charles Sturt University like being advertised as the place that taught one of China’s worst goons everything he knows about scaring people into silence?

Wyatt wrong to use race card to defend Bruce Pascoe

Ken Wyatt last week played the race card to defend fake “Aboriginal historian” Bruce Pascoe, and played it like a shifty man. How can he now stay as our federal Indigenous Affairs Minister?

Toddler’s shock fall from moving car

A toddler is fighting for its life after falling from a vehicle in Cranbourne East.

Victoria’s power bungle proves it’s a failed state

If having to endure six months of lockdown due to the Victorian government’s incompetence in running quarantine wasn’t bad enough, now thousands of households on Melbourne’s southeastern fringe face a month without power.

RSL Victoria boss stood down amid probe

The boss of RSL Victoria has been stood down amid an internal investigation.

Scalpels out in surgeon legal battle twist

There’s an old joke among the medical fraternity.

How rail loop will slash commuters’ trips

Train passengers using the first section of the multibillion dollar Suburban Rail Loop have been promised 22 minute trips from Cheltenham to Box Hill.

How kinesiologist led Ironman to ultimate success

I grew up watching the Uncle Toby Ironman Series as a young boy. Darrell Eastlake was the voice of the sport, and Trevor Hendy was the face of it. I would tune in whenever it was on, and barrack for him. There was something about Trevor Hendy I was drawn to. Years later, I was introduced to him by a mutual friend. After meeting him, I was very glad I’d been cheering for him all those years ago. We spoke about a journey that led to great success, but not happiness ... until it did.

Fed-up staff abandoning battling ski resorts

Victoria’s battling ski ­resorts fear a mass ­exodus as snow staff look to leave the state for greater job stability at NSW destinations.

Homeowners slammed by double whammy

The build time for new houses has blown out by 30 per cent and costs by as much as 50 per cent in a big blow to homeowners, in our already overheated property market.

It will take more than a tokenistic move to save ABC

In the same week national broadcaster the ABC aired a hatchet job aimed at Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the current affairs show 4 Corners, staff were told it was time to connect with average Australians.

Anti-ageism campaign does more harm than good

This week I have been doing my best to become “ageism aware”.

From Tour De France to changing dirty nappies

Cadel Evans has just changed another nappy. His eight-month-old son Blake is playing on the floor, while Aidan, two, will soon wake in his upstairs bedroom.

Struggling pensioner issued dud cheque by Andrews govt

Struggling pensioners have been issued dud cheques under a state government that was supposed to offer bill relief.

Foley vetoes Brett Sutton as witness at inquiry

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton was set to appear at a parliamentary inquiry before ministerial intervention cancelled the attendance.

Palaszczuk’s Covid decisions lack logic and humanity

Victoria’s inept and wildly disproportionate Covid-19 response is unmatched in Australia but Queensland has given it a red hot go.

Aussie firm in ‘flying car’ race series

A world-first, global three race series of electric-powered “flying car” Grand Prix will kick off in a yet-to-be disclosed location later this year, after extensive testing in the South Australian outback.

Super sought day after tragic death, furious family claims

A magistrate who started a relationship with his court clerk inquired about securing his fiance’s superannuation death benefit within 24 hours of her tragic death, it has been claimed.

Top virus expert reveals cracks in our pandemic response

Fractures in Australia’s Covid-19 research defences could leave the nation unable to cope with another pandemic surge, according to our foremost expert.

Families making extreme sacrifices to save on childcare

Families are putting off having more children because of the high cost of childcare, a new study has found.

‘Silly old bugger’ condemned in ageism crackdown

People using phrases like “old dear”, “old fogey” and “silly old bugger” are on notice under a new taxpayer-funded campaign.

Why Saints players’ family leave is nobody’s business

Happy wife, happy life.

All the restrictions changing this week

Melbourne’s restrictions will be eased further from 11.59pm Thursday, after a week of strict rules that followed the city’s fortnight-long lockdown.

‘Gift that keeps giving’: Fire chiefs’ huge pay win

Firefighters have won another boost to their pay with more than 300 of the state’s top brass to be paid an extra $3m a year.

Police foil public murder plot at 11th hour

A plot to shoot dead a crime figure at a Melbourne kick-boxing tournament was thwarted by police watching conversations among gangsters through an encrypted app.

Victorians paying a steep price for weak leadership

Victoria continues to be let down by inferior IT systems and processes. I can book a manicure, a dinner for two and a dog wash digitally within seconds but must go through a cumbersome process to book a vaccination online through the Victorian Department of Health’s website.

Terror plotters inspired by Bourke St attack

A trio of radicalised men plotted to gun down random members of the public in Melbourne after seeing the deadly 2018 Bourke St terror attack on the news, a court has heard.

Daniel Andrews must resign to give us a fresh start

Hopefully, the pain suffered by so many over the last 18 months is behind us. Never again will Victoria have to be totally locked down because the government has relied entirely on medical advice when such advice should have been received and then weighed up against other competing factors.

Girls chased, abused by private school boys

Three 12-year-old girls were chased and verbally abused at the weekend by five year 7 boys from leading private schools.

Cocaine more than a party drug for Victorians

Victorians are spending almost half a billion dollars a year on cocaine.

Aussie film great David Lightfoot dies

Acclaimed film producer David Lightfoot, whose credits include successful Australian films such as Japanese Story, Wolf Creek, Babe and Rogue, has died.

Battle of the sexes in key Labor electorate

A group of Labor women including Andrews government minister Natalie Hutchins are leading a push for their party to choose a female candidate for the new federal seat of Hawke.

‘I’m a changed man’: Tinnie terrorist wants fresh start

A convicted terrorist has claimed he has turned his life around and just wants to live like “a normal person”.

Speed camera move could catch more motorists

About 25 lives could be saved on Victoria’s country roads every year if the positioning of mobile speed cameras was more random and less predictable, Monash University researchers have found.

Major contact tracing problem still not fixed

Contact tracers say ongoing problems with call centre phone lines are hampering their efforts to hunt down coronavirus, but authorities remain confident they can ease restrictions over the next week.

Leftists finally waking up to Bruce Pascoe’s fraud

So called “Aboriginal historian” Bruce Pascoe pulled off the biggest hoax in Australia’s literary history. But now the jig is up, as even the woke Sydney Morning Herald and Age admit Pascoe told untruths.

Life must continue as Covid spot fires emerge

Another lockdown done and dusted. There must be no more, except in the most desperate of circumstances.

‘Did he do this?’ The words that saved Kimbarlie’s life

“Did he do this to you?”

Roberts-Smith’s break from the pain of the courtroom

A day after Ben Roberts-Smith broke down in a Sydney courtroom detailing how he shot an Afghan teenager, the Victoria Cross recipient was spotted relaxing in the company of his new partner.

How renters are being ripped off

Being a renter must suck right now.

Political parties face their kryptonite

Every political party has issues they are happy to talk about and those they should treat like a red hot stove.

You can’t run our border policy on sentiment

If you believe what they’re trying to tell you, it’s all very simple; it’s about cruelty versus compassion. Deport the so-called Biloela family or allow them to stay in Australia.

The ‘Doc’ Edelsten I knew

Geoffrey Edelsten was the rarest of combinations, a shy recluse who craved attention.

Family violence thugs on notice with dramatic reforms

Sex assault cases which never made it to court will be reviewed and frontline police retrained on cyber stalking and harassment under sweeping reforms to better protect victims of domestic abuse.

Airport link’s 5km ‘sky rail’ takes flight

Melbourne’s new airport trains would travel for 5km along elevated “sky rail” between the outskirts of the airport and the Western Ring Road.

Somyurek sues over branch stacking claims

Dumped Labor MP Adem Somyurek has launched defamation proceedings against the Nine Network, The Age and investigative reporter Nick McKenzie.

Melbourne has changed for the worse, more than any other city

Five years ago, on Thursday the 18th of August at 9.25am the ABC online reported that the city of Melbourne had been named the world’s most liveable city for the sixth year running.

Is this the man to take on Dan?

Michael O’Brien never dreamt of a life in politics.

Full list of Victorian Comancheros named in AN0M cop sting

A list of the Victorian Comanchero bikie gang arrested in the sting of the century, including Sergeant-at-Arms Christian Taumefolau, has been revealed.

‘Nervous’ Libs in new leadership spill plot

Opposition leader Michael O’Brien could face another challenge to his leadership with pressure mounting over his party’s recent performance.

Minutes before Wallan train derailed key to probe

Safety investigators are probing whether the driver of a train that derailed in Wallan last year knew there was a track diversion in place at the site of the accident, with an interim report into the horrific crash released on Thursday.

Agents’ dodgy money-making tactic revealed

Unscrupulous agents stand to reap huge rewards in dodgy incentive arrangements that can leave homeowners tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket.

The most expensive boarding schools in Australia

The cost to send a child to private boarding school in Australia is equal to nearly half the average wage, but for campuses in Victoria, parents should be prepared to shell out significantly more.

Revealed: Which MPs will get the jab

Victorian MPs are leading a charge to get the Covid-19 jab with 85 per cent already vaccinated or planning to do so.

Daniher’s $2 million halftime goal

The Big Freeze is getting a big boost as Neale Daniher ramps up his fight to find a cure for motor neurone disease (MND).

Buckley the ultimate coach in bowing out graciously

I am not a Collingwood fan. I have never had more than a grudging respect for its coach, Nathan Buckley.

Lockdowns behind Melbourne’s liveability slump

Melbourne has taken another tumble on the world’s most liveable cities list, dropping to eighth place.

Drip-feeding freedom is cruel and shortsighted

Lockdown’s almost finished, but Melburnians are still locked up.

Melbourne Uni’s surprising new spot in world rankings

The University of Melbourne has climbed the global rankings of tertiary institutions, according to a new report today, overtaking Sydney University.

Push to reveal health experts’ lockdown logic

• This coronavirus article is unlocked and free to read in the interest of community health and safety. Click here for full digital access to trusted news from the Herald Sun and Leader for just $1 a week for the first 12 weeks.

Shrinking Victoria plagued by lack of stability

Three weeks until the halfway point of 2021, and the end of the financial year for businesses reporting. What a difficult, challenging and destructive year it has been.

Goodes’ Hall of Fame call a sad moment for sport

Adam Goodes belongs in the AFL’s Hall of Fame.

Patricia Ilhan’s pride at daughter’s rape stance

Patricia Ilhan has praised her daughter for speaking out about her alleged rape as a schoolgirl.

Fevola opens up about Mia’s love life

Brendan Fevola has opened up about his daughter Mia’s relationship with Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, revealing the Bulldogs no. 1 draft pick does the dishes and washing at home.

Struggling businesses cry foul at ‘inconsistent’ Covid rules

A border town gym owner has hit out at the Victorian government after watching clients cross the river to avoid ­regional restrictions.

Luxury infinity pool soars above Docklands

Docklands’ first luxury five-star hotel and featuring a rooftop bar and infinity pool is set to open soon, giving the waterfront suburb a much-needed boost.

Explosive texts warned of Labor ‘stitch-up’

Explosive text messages between Labor powerbrokers have shed new light on the internal war engulfing the party, with Bill Shorten at one point warning colleagues of a “stitch-up”.

Fevola opens up about Mia’s love life

Brendan Fevola has opened up about his daughter Mia’s relationship with Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, revealing the Bulldogs no. 1 draft pick does the dishes and washing at home.

How public transport could be made more Covid-safe

A leading public health expert is calling for QR codes to be used across Victoria’s public transport network to help with contact tracing.

The suburbs getting new state-of-the-art schools

New schools being built in a multimillion-dollar blitz will feature state-of-the-art sporting facilities and performing arts centres.

The excuses used to flout smoke-free zones

Smokers are lighting up in the city’s smoke-free zones ­despite laws aimed at butting out the behaviour being introduced almost seven years ago.

Sutton is now a public health liability

What kind of a virus is terrifying Victoria and locking down Melbourne for two weeks? One that can’t even kill a 99-year-old.

Dan has Covid mess to clean up

It’s now been three months since Daniel Andrews made his last public appearance.

Young suicide survivor’s powerful message

A woman who survived a suicide attempt has defied the odds by walking unaided for the first time since both her legs were amputated four years ago.

Crackdown after Spring St sex romp

Victorian politicians who bully and harass people will be investigated by a new behaviour watchdog.

Decision looms on F1 Australian Grand Prix

The Victorian government is poised to make a call on the viability of the delayed Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix within weeks following the cancellation of the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Dentist who broke patient’s jaw upset no one will hire him

A dentist who broke a ­patient’s jaw during a wisdom tooth extraction has failed to comply with restrictions on his registration.

Deer drama shock in Melbourne’s locked-down streets

A deer spotted running amok through Melbourne streets on Saturday sparked a two-hour chase by police and animal welface officers.

The soaring cost of Victoria’s transport projects

The budgets for transport projects in Victoria blew out by $3.7 billion in the past financial year, while 60 per cent were running at least 12 months late.

Hidden costs of buying and selling your home revealed

It is not uncommon for buyers and sellers to be surprised by unexpected costs.

‘Disturbing’ new Covid variant spread between schoolkids


Scare tactics can’t justify trigger-happy lockdown

A media conference held on Tuesday this week fronted by two Andrews Government Ministers and two public servants will go down in Covid history.

Why Aussie kids must be vaccinated

When epidemiologist Tony Blakely describes the coming months as “bumpy”, he is being optimistic.

Where Victoria’s QR code system went wrong

When coronavirus reared its head in Melbourne again late last month, contact tracers raced to collect data from businesses showing who had visited at-risk locations.