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When Do You Need Vandal Proof Casing Security Cameras?

The modern world is full of crime, vandalism is just one of the many crimes that is being committed every day. Protecting your property is essential with crime being a constant problem almost everywhere. But how do you protect your property from crime? Security cameras can help to protect your property from crime and when that fails, they record the crime so that you have evidence on hand. Security cameras by themselves are not fool proof devices. The security cameras themselves need to be secured against crime such as vandalism . But not every camera might need to be secured. Let’s take a look at when you might need vandal proof casing for your security cameras . When Cameras Are Within Reach and Outside The preferred way to prevent vandalism on external cameras is to mount them out of reach but sometimes that isn’t possible. Any cameras that you use to monitor the exterior of your property that is within reach of a vandal’s arms or spray paint should be covered in a vanda

How Often Do Stores Check Their Security Cameras?

Security cameras have been in use in stores for ages and since they were first used they have helped to stop crimes. Stores of all kinds have implemented security cameras. Grocery stores, convenience stores, electronics stores, and even clothing stores all have security cameras on the property. One common question among store owners is: how often do stores check their security cameras ? Am I checking them enough? For most stores, the answer is not often enough. It is common practice to only check the security cameras when something has gone wrong . That means after someone has stolen, when they see someone stealing, or after a safety incident. In most cases that means that you can’t actually prevent crime, just respond to it. Depending on the location of the store, crimes significant enough to check security footage for could only happen once a month or so. Some stores have video monitors positioned around the store so that staff can always observe what is happening o

Security Camera Vulnerabilities

The state of the world has left many people worry about their safety and security. That has led to the installation of security cameras . Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, chances are you have at least considered installing security cameras . One concern that all users of security camera brands have, is vulnerabilities. They want to know if their security camera system will have any vulnerabilities. Do security cameras have vulnerabilities? The answer is yes. Any system can have vulnerabilities but you can reduce the vulnerabilities by taking measures against them. Let’s take a look at some specific vulnerabilities. Spyware On Cheap Security Systems All types of electronics recently have had spyware installed on them. This tends to be with cheaper systems. Most, but not all, cheaper systems with spyware come from foreign countries. To avoid spyware, only buy security camera systems from trusted manufacturers such as Hikvision. Hacked Network It is p

Benefits Of Surveillance Cameras In Public Places

Many security cameras brands are quickly becoming a frequent sight around the world. You can see them in stores, restaurants, even at people’s homes. More and more cities and private entities have started to use security cameras to monitor and record public places. This brings up concerns and a good amount of the population is curious as to what the benefits of having surveillance cameras in public places are. Today we are going to explore those benefits in order to provide you with the background you need to understand the importance of surveillance cameras. Monitor and Record Any Crime The obvious function of public surveillance cameras is to monitor and record any crime that happens in public places. A lot of people become immersed in the idea that crime only happens in private places but the truth is a good portion of crime happens in public spaces and people just don’t notice it. By monitoring and recording crime you can capture criminals quicker. Sometimes it is e