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Is It Possible to Setup a Security Camera Without NVR/DVR

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder , it is the backbone to most security systems. Depending on the system that you use, your NVR might appear like a DVD player or VCR. However, the exact appearance and configuration depends on the cameras that you use. Every camera and accessory connects to the NVR in order to have a working security camera system . Often, those who are just starting to explore the world of security cameras to secure their homes want to know if they can set up their security camera system without a NVR . Let’s take a look at the answer to that question. For most security cameras you will not be able to set them up without a NVR. This is because the NVR acts as the HUB for all of the security cameras on your property. That being said, there are certain security camera systems that you can use without a NVR. In order to install and use a security camera without a NVR you will need to have a camera that is specifically designed for that type of use. IP c

What Is The Best Security Camera For Cold Weather

Security cameras (various brands) are utilized around the world to protect property and lives against crimes of all kinds. From vandalism to burglary and more serious crimes. Our security cameras are constant watch dogs that operate even when we think they could. Security cameras will work just about anywhere. That is, as long as you pick the right security camera . Every purpose has a security camera type that is dedicated towards that deployment. Picking the right camera will help you to ensure functionality and that you get the image that you desire. Precision Security Australia and similar security camera installers help you to select the right camera for each location. One climate that is a constant concern for new security camera owners is cold weather. They want to know what kind of camera is best for cold weather. Hikvision Cameras Are The Best Security Cameras No matter what application we are looking at when we at Precision Security Australia are installing se