How Often Do Stores Check Their Security Cameras?

Security cameras have been in use in stores for ages and since they were first used they have helped to stop crimes. Stores of all kinds have implemented security cameras. Grocery stores, convenience stores, electronics stores, and even clothing stores all have security cameras on the property.

One common question among store owners is: how often do stores check their security cameras? Am I checking them enough?

For most stores, the answer is not often enough. It is common practice to only check the security cameras when something has gone wrong. That means after someone has stolen, when they see someone stealing, or after a safety incident. In most cases that means that you can’t actually prevent crime, just respond to it.

Depending on the location of the store, crimes significant enough to check security footage for could only happen once a month or so.

Some stores have video monitors positioned around the store so that staff can always observe what is happening on camera. When their attention isn’t on customers. Convenience stores use this more often than not because they are big targets for shoplifting. At the same time, a large number of stores don’t do this as they don’t want their camera footage customer facing.

How Often Should You Check Your Security Cameras?

The ideal setup for security camera systems is that they can be monitored around the clock. Now, it is understandable that not everyone can afford this. When you can’t afford to constantly have the cameras monitored, the best option is to be as proactive as possible. You don’t want to only be checking after something has gone wrong.

One crucial time to check the security cameras is before you leave for the day. This allows you to make sure that the store is completely clear of people. Recent trends on YouTube have been to hide in stores overnight. A simple check of the security cameras can be used to prevent this.

Security cameras should also be monitored anytime that money is being transferred. That means to and from the tills and to and from the armored car.

Basically what it comes down to, is whenever you are at a higher risk of an incident, you should be checking the security cameras. This will help to make the riskiest times less dangerous.

Get Security Cameras Installed By A Professional

Security camera systems are a delicate system that require a professional to install them. Wires have to be run, cameras have to be mounted, positioning has to be done, and the NVR has to be set up. ALl of this work is both time consuming and can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Hiring a professional to perform your installation is often the best route to go, plus their work is insured.

The best security camera installation service in the greater Melbourne area is Precision Security Australia. With years of experience and highly trained technicians, the company has performed installation services for homes, businesses, and government entities.

Precision Security Australia can help your store set up your security cameras so that they can be monitored as much as you need to. Multiple monitoring points can be set up, as well as remote monitoring from mobile devices.

Ensuring that your security cameras(whatever brand) are checked often enough will help you to guarantee the safety and security of your store. Just proper installation of security cameras is not enough. You have to develop a plan to ensure that your cameras get checked regularly. Don’t let preventable crime slip through your fingers.

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