When Do You Need Vandal Proof Casing Security Cameras?

The modern world is full of crime, vandalism is just one of the many crimes that is being committed every day. Protecting your property is essential with crime being a constant problem almost everywhere. But how do you protect your property from crime? Security cameras can help to protect your property from crime and when that fails, they record the crime so that you have evidence on hand.

Security cameras by themselves are not fool proof devices. The security cameras themselves need to be secured against crime such as vandalism. But not every camera might need to be secured. Let’s take a look at when you might need vandal proof casing for your security cameras.

When Cameras Are Within Reach and Outside

The preferred way to prevent vandalism on external cameras is to mount them out of reach but sometimes that isn’t possible. Any cameras that you use to monitor the exterior of your property that is within reach of a vandal’s arms or spray paint should be covered in a vandal proof casing. Make sure that the casing is securely mounted and prevents all access to the device. These cameras are most at risk for vandalism.

Outdoor cameras, and those within reach in general also need to have the wires associated with them secured. A simple snip of the wires could completely cut the camera offline. Running wires inside the wall can work to prevent this. You can also use wireless security cameras.

Medical Environments

One typically wouldn’t think of a medical environment as a place that needs vandal proofing for their cameras, but security cameras in a medical environment are actually often targets. A number of threats that may cause someone to want to vandalize a camera in a medical facility exist. Think of these:
        Drug Seekers
        Disgruntled Staff/Patients/Visitors
        Psychiatric Patients
        Patients in Police Custody
In many cases security cameras cannot be mounted out of a person’s reach in a hospital or clinic, this makes vandal proofing even more important.

High Crime Areas

Anywhere that has a high crime rate should consider vandal proofing their cameras. Even out of reach cameras and cameras inside facilities might be a target for a regular vandal. In addition to that, someone looking to gain illegal access to your property during the commission of a crime, might vandalize your cameras so that they aren’t seen. It is always important to stay up to date on crime statistics in your are to know if you are a bigger target than normal.

High Risk Areas

Almost every property has areas that are at high risk of being vandalized. Even your home. Places that store a large amount of cash or items with a large value are just two common examples of high risk areas. You also have areas that have confidential information and data that may be a target.

Because of the higher than normal chance that these areas will become targets, it is important that you protect cameras in them. Vandal proof casings are just one step that you should take. Ensuring multiple coverage angles can also be effective.

Cameras In Areas Where They Are Likely To Be Damaged

Vandal proof casing doesn’t just protect cameras from vandals, it also protects them from common sources of damage, such as flying objects, debris, and impact. While a camera casing may not always protect a camera, they can work to reduce the chances of a camera getting damaged. It is a lot cheaper to install a vandal proof casing than to replace a camera that has been damaged.

Determining when you need vandal proof casing for your security cameras comes down to using common sense. Do you think an area should be secured with vandal proof casing? If the answer to that question is yes, then you probably should. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry. If you need to have vandal proof camera casings installed, contact Precision Security Australia today.

Precision Security Australia is a leader in security camera sales and installations, they can work with you to safeguard your cameras. With years of experience serving customers of all kinds, Precision Security is the leader in security camera installations for the greater Melbourne area.

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