Is It Possible to Setup a Security Camera Without NVR/DVR

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder, it is the backbone to most security systems. Depending on the system that you use, your NVR might appear like a DVD player or VCR. However, the exact appearance and configuration depends on the cameras that you use. Every camera and accessory connects to the NVR in order to have a working security camera system.

Often, those who are just starting to explore the world of security cameras to secure their homes want to know if they can set up their security camera system without a NVR. Let’s take a look at the answer to that question.

For most security cameras you will not be able to set them up without a NVR. This is because the NVR acts as the HUB for all of the security cameras on your property. That being said, there are certain security camera systems that you can use without a NVR.

In order to install and use a security camera without a NVR you will need to have a camera that is specifically designed for that type of use. IP cameras with SD/Micro SD card slots with an internet connection are an example of a security camera system that can be used without a NVR.

There are also systems like Netgear’s ARLO which use a base station that sends footage to the internet where it is saved. While not a NVR, you still have to have a box that is connected to the system.

You will notice several disadvantages to using security cameras without a NVR. For one, you cannot monitor the footage at all when the internet goes down. This is because the cameras are not attached to a central HUB. If the camera does not have built in storage, that also means that you will have no recording when the internet is out.

It is also easier to interfere with security cameras that are not connected to a NVR. You can remove the SD card or block the WIFI in order to stop the camera from working.

At Precision Security Australia we almost always install security camera systems that utilize NVRs to help ensure that you get the quality system that you need in order to protect your property. Our go to brand for security camera installation is Hikvision. Hikvision has been around for years and during that time has established themselves as an industry leader in security camera systems.

Much like Hikvision has established itself in the security camera world, so have we at Precision Security Australia. If you are looking for security camera services in the greater Melbourne area, there is no better service provider than us. Each installer is highly trained and our services are licensed and insured.

Our process starts by scheduling a free appointment with an installer who will come out to your property and perform an on-site security inspection. This will help us to determine your exact needs. While we are there our installer will provide you with an on-site demonstration of the various products that we use. Then, we will finish it off with a no-obligation quote that takes into mind both your security needs and budgetary restrictions.

If you have questions about NVRs/NVRs or about installing cameras without one of these devices, you can always ask our installation technician who comes out to perform your on-site inspection. They are experts at what they do and we ensure that they stay up to date on the technology in the industry.

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