Factory Security Checklist

Factories are in the business of making money but you can’t do that if your property is open to security concerns.  You need to know how to make sure your property is secure from any and all potential issues.  Today we are going to provide you with a security checklist that will help you to ensure that you are protected from anything that might arise.

Access Control

All of your security steps won’t mean anything if just anyone can get into your factory.  You need to setup access control in order to prevent criminals or other issues from happening.  Access control can be as simple as high security locks on your doors.  But they can be enhanced by having a keycard system setup.  With keycards you can easily determine who goes where and who has been where.

Security Services

What happens when there is a security issue on your property?  You need security services to respond to the security concern and handle it as appropriately.  Sometimes that can be having a force to call law enforcement and sometimes that means having a force their to protect your employees.  It could also mean having someone to escort staff off the property after being fired.  There are a large variety of security firms to choose from.  Some companies also choose to have internal security so there isn’t an outside force working.

Staff Awareness

Security begins with the people that you already have at your factory.  All of the staff that you have can play a big role in your security.  To ensure that they can help you, staff awareness should be encouraged.  Teaching your staff what to look for when it comes to security is a start.  They should also know what to do if there is a security concern and who to report it to.

Some of the security measures that you put in place will be accepted by your staff while some of them they will think aren’t essential.  It is important that you educate them about why each of the security measures you put into place are essential.

Security Alarms

If someone breaks in or goes where they are not supposed to in your factory you need to be alerted.  A security alarm system will help you with that.  A security alarm system can be compromised of a variety of different devices that will detect movement, intrusion, or even breaking of glass.  These systems can be set up to notify you, your security team, a monitoring company, or even the police of security concerns.

Security Cameras

When it comes to securing a process very few devices have as many purposes as securitycameras.  These crafty devices allow you to monitor and record everything that happens on the property.  And not just security issues.  You will also be able to capture safety issues, internal theft, and quality control issues.  For all of these reasons, security cameras are essential to your factory security checklist.

For factories that need security camera systems they can’t install them themselves.  This is because security camera systems need a specialized installation process.  That includes wiring, mounting, positioning, and even setting up the NVR.  If a company wants their supervisors, managers, or security to be able to view the cameras from their computers/phones, that will also need to be set up.

Precision Security Australia is the leading security camera installer and maintenance provider in the Melbourne area.  They have the experience and training needed to be professional installers.  The installation process starts with an onsite security survey to determine your exact needs.  It will be followed up by a demonstration of the different products offered by Precision Security Australia.  

Then the final step is a no obligation quote.

Preparing security measures for your factory is important.  This article is meant to help you prepare so that you can improve the security of your property.  The more steps you take, the better your security will be.  Start implementing them now and your security will rise rapidly.  You can begin by talking with your employees will allow you to build up your security without costing you money.

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