Disadvantages And Advantages Of Wireless Security Cameras

There are a lot of different features that you can consider when looking at security cameras in the modern industry.  One of the most high tech, and debated topics is wireless security cameras.  Today we are going to go over the advantages and disadvantages of wireless security cameras.


Lack of Cables

One of the biggest advantages you have with wireless security cameras is that you do not need to connect a data cable to the camera.  All of the information is transmitted over a wireless signal.  Depending on the device, there are several different ways to transmit the signal.  WiFi networks or similar frequencies are common among wireless security cameras.

Easier Setup

Wireless security camera systems tend to be easier to set up than other camera systems because most of them are designed for the average consumer to set up.  That can also be a disadvantage that we will discuss in the next section.

Easy To Move

A lack of wires makes it easy to move the security cameras around if you need to reposition them.  You can move them from one location to another easily.  The lack of wires also means you don’t have cables running everywhere or even coming out of the camera, making it look cleaner.

Alarm Notifications

Alarm notifications are available for almost all wireless security camera systems.  That means if motion is detected on a camera, it will send an alert to your mobile device and/or computer.  Some of these wireless alarm systems also offer the option to send an alarm to a monitoring company.


Abundant Interference

The fact that wireless security cameras run on a frequency is also one of their biggest weaknesses.  A wireless frequency can be blocked by criminals.  You can also accidently block them by using the devices that operate on a similar frequency.

Lack of Advanced Features/Monthly Fees

Because these wireless camera systems are designed for the average consumer, they tend to lack some of the advanced features that a lot of people have come to expect.  There are also more systems that require monthly fees in order to fully utilize the camera system.  Quality can also be lower in these cameras because they are designed to be easy to use.

Less Of A Deterrent

Criminals expect to see wires coming out of cameras.  If there is a lack of wires, there is always the chance that they will think your security camera system is fake.  When your camera system comes offas fake, then criminals will be more likely to target you.

Potentially Cost Prohibitive

Cost can be prohibitive when looking at wireless security camera systems.  Even though these systems are developed to be installed by consumers, they are more expensive because of the technology behind them.  The demand is also higher, driving the prices up.

Battery Replacement

The same thing that makes these cameras great, the wireless nature, can expose them to a disadvantage.  Wireless security cameras that require batteries can eat through the batteries really quickly.  Systems like Arlo require you to change the battery anywhere between every other month and every four months.  Replacing the batteries often means you will either need a ladder or an expert to come out.

Consult An Expert Company, Consult Precision Security Australia

We always advise contacting a company such as Precision Security Australia which provides free on-site security evaluations to help determine your security needs.  This will give you a chance to discuss with a professional installation technician whether or not wireless security cameras are right for your property.

At Precision Security Australia you will also receive a free on-site demonstration of the products that we recommend and the ones that we use most frequently.  You will get to see first hand whether or not a product is right for you.  At the end, you will get a no obligation quote to help you understand the full cost of your security camera installation.

Security cameras come in a wide variety of options, that includes wireless security cameras.  Understanding the options you have will help you to determine what camera system you need.  A security camera company such as Precision Security Australia can also help.

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